What does ‘Poke’ mean in facebook?

Poke is the feature of facebook which has confused many people. Some people take it as disturbing act. But, it isn’t what Poke actually means in facebook?

Current FAQ of facebook tells that poke means saying “hello”.
But, it can mean more than that too. It is used to grab attention of other person. People poke other to tell ‘I’m missing you’ and other side reply it with meaning ‘I’m too missing you’. Besides, poke can help to initiate conversation too.

Have you heard of poke game? It is act of sending poke to each other until one side gives up. It’s funny!

Well, I agree that some people may misuse this feature to disturb other. If you feel so, discard that particular poke. But, poke’s real meaning in fb is to say ‘Hello!’ So, you shouldn’t have negative concept about it.